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Where and How We Design and Manufacture our Products

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Our cloth diapers are designed in Canada, and manufactured in China in compliance with CCPSA (Canada Consumer Product Safety Act) (read How We Make Our Products below) by a carefully chosen facility that is regularly checked for compliance with CCPSA requirements, standards and regulations.

Compliance of our products with CCPSA requirements, standards and regulations is certified and controlled by a Canadian laboratory based in Quebec.

We do not make cheap looking or cheap performing products. We proudly stand by the quality of our products and we offer a 1 year warranty (read our Warranty Policy). We do not merely pass diapers from our suppliers to our customers. Instead they must meet very strict requirements in terms of quality, materials, workmanship and finishes. When you purchase from a Canadian brand, you are getting great Canadian quality and compliance with Canadian standards and regulations.

How we make our products

Cloth items

-We choose or design fabrics and design diapers that absorbs a lot, are leak proof, dry quickly and remain soft washes after washes. Moso Bamboo grows in Asia. (Read Why We Love Bamboo).

-We carefully select a chosen and proven international facility that is certified and regularly verified for compliance with CCPSA (Canada Consumer Product Safety Act) (read Where We Manufacture our Products).

-Our items are crafted with care and an attention for details to ensure quality and near perfect workmanship.

Body care items

-We choose and source components

-Our items are hand crafted in Canada with care and an attention for details to ensure quality and near perfect workmanship.

Key Points We Keep in Mind When Sourcing Items and Components

1.Creating opportunities for producers who are economically disadvantaged.
2.Transparency and accountability.
3.Individual empowerment.
4.Promoting fair trade.
5.Paying a fair price.
6.Gender equality.
7.Labor conditions.
8.Child labor.
9.The environment.
10.Good commercial relationships

How We Price our Products

Being ourselves cloth diapering parents, we are in a good position to understand the need of families. For example, we feel that quality cloth diapers should cost less than $30 each. We want to make eco-living and cloth diapering an affordable choice in terms of price yet luxurious in terms of comfort and workmanship. We want to offer you the highest quality products at the lowest possible price.

Our prices make it easy for the environmentally concerned parent to afford quality products that can fit any budget.

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  • Thanks for your kind words Erin. We are working on becoming and staying your preferred Canadian cloth diaper brand!

    Thanks! on
  • Did I read well? You are bringing jobs home!
    Good job ladies (and guys?), keep it up. and I know it will not be easy but please do not increase prices!

    Erin on
  • Thanks for being upfront with the information!
    I hope you do find a way to bring more jobs, not just profits, to Canadian families.
    We love your store, products and services!

    J. R. on

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